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A SINGLE GRADE CANNOT TELL YOUR STORY!Why do we make this statement?

At If not now! Why not? L.L.C., we believe that the current Oklahoma State Report Card System used to evaluate public schools, commonly referred to as “A to F”, is fundamentally flawed in its current form of implementation.

canstockphoto6128409 200x134Education is a complex organization comprised of hundreds of moving parts which produce tens of thousands of pieces of data.  Too often these data are collected and molded into school accountability or student measurement systems resulting in the data being used contrary to their original intent. Consequently, the reporting of school and student performance regrettably may end up masking or distorting  school and individual student performance.

Have you heard the adage.  "In the absence of data there is only politics"...source unknown.  If not now ! Why not? L.L.C. would modify this statement  to the following,  

" In the absence of the meaningful use of data there is only politics"...source Taylor L. Young, Ph.D.

If you do not present the complete picture of you efforts  to meet and exceed high expectations, then the vacuum will be filled with the single grade given to you by the State of Oklahoma and with it the stereotypes it denotes.

Let us review and present your data to highlight your strengths and set achievable goals to overcome you weaknesses. If you are needing to tell your side of the story ask the following question.  "If not now! Why not?

Example Performance Data Analysis